Thursday, June 30, 2011

Power Antivirus

Description of Power Antivirus and consequences of its residing on your PC

SpySheriff is getting to be out-of-date so that even worst among real security program s are now able to detect and remove SpySheriff. Here comes another “SpySheriff”, Power Antivirus. Needless to say, both these program s are useless in terms of detection and removal of malware and viruses. Click here to detect (free of charge) and remove Power Antivirus (PowerAntivirus) and other malware, related and unrelated, as well as other threats. Failure to get rid of Power Antivirus in a good time poses a real challenge to your system.
Power Antivirus may be installed from web-site promoting malware, so called online-scanner. There is nothing discreditable if you have trusted in promises of granting life-time protection to your PC given at those sites. Anyone can be trapped, especially with rather little experience in web-browsing. However, if you think that after visiting those web-sites, when you easily escaped away having no doubts in their tricky nature, your PC is in safety, – well, that is not exactly so. Be aware that a malicious script of such “security centers” sometimes allows this rogue to be installed without your contest. In addition, spamming and other methods of unauthorized installation are widely utilized by Power Antivirus.
All actions taken by Power Antivirus are harmful. Get rid of Power Antivirus (PowerAntivirus) immediately to avoid further malignant impacts up to system collapse.

Power Antivirus Technical Details

* Full name: Power Antivirus, PowerAntivirus
* Type: Rogue anti-spyware
* Origin: Russian Federation,,

Power Antivirus Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Signs of being infected with Power Antivirus:

In order to ensure whether Power Antivirus has been installed in your PC, click here . This link starts installation of free scanner.
Alternatively, try to recognize signs of its presence by your own. If scan by Power Antivirus or alerts by the same rogue have ever been displayed in your monitor, consider Power Antivirus a resident of your PC with 99,99% probability. Prior to scan generation, this malware might need to restart your PC in order to save harmful settings adjusted for letting this malware go on in its instant alerting and other activity (refresh your memory about buzzes and sudden shut-downs of your PC, if any took place). In a very short while after Power Antivirus installation, overall system speed may be decreased due to intensive utilization of recourses by this program (refresh your memory about obvious and rather sharp drop of PC speed). Some cases have been reported of unnamed scan window appearance, though they were obviously and for sure generated by Power Antivirus. Perhaps, there were no window denominations due to error in this malware installation or run. Remove Power Antivirus, this is a real challenge, when all results of scan by Power Antivirus are false positives.

Automatic Removal of Power Antivirus from your PC:

Power Antivirus is a clone of SpySheriff. Both these program s belong, in their turn, to a big group of related malware sharing the same promoters and downloading rotes. Get rid of Power Antivirus in automatic mode, and other threats will be detected and removed automatically.

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