Monday, July 4, 2011

Conficker.C (Conficker C)

Description of Conficker.C and consequences of its residing on your PC

First of all, it should be noted that the popular question about Conficker.C (Conficker C) whether this program is especially or exclusively harmful on April 1 All Fools’ Day only has the answer that Conficker.C removal is a must for those who want their computer to remain in due condition in terms of operating system intactness and soundless, as well as of the presence of malware and tojans, for if Conficker.C cannot harm your computer on the All Fools’ Day, it will manage to do that later. Actually, Conficker.C is just a mediator that has extremely high penetrability due to its extremely small size and, according to the conservative estimate, has already infected millions of computer. The only task of Conficker.C is to install corresponding trojan and replicate itself to the removable memory like USB flash drive and CD in order to infect other computers. Conficker.C does not harm computer directly, it is a corresponding trojan that considerably affects it. The trojan is program med by the timer embedded into its body to start connecting to 50 thousands (!!!) of different domains and to install a quantity of malwares and other Trojans from those domains. The date appointed for the start of this process is April 1 All Fools’ Day. Before that date, the Conficker.C trojan should hijack your browser and block any websites except those it is program med to promote, as well as to disable any security tools.
Fortunately, this infection is well-studied and there is a remedy that we do not hesitate to recommend for Conficker.C removal. Click here to start free scan and get rid of Conficker.C. It is understood that Conficker.C removal will cover the removal of Conficker.C worm and trojan.
It should be noted that Conficker.C is mainly installed on the Microsoft computers, but Macintosh computers may also be affected, though interaction of Conficker.C with other operating systems requires further studying.

Conficker.C Technical Details

* Full name: Conficker.C, Conficker C, Conficker-C
* Version: 2009
* Type: Worm
* Origin: Russian Federation

Signs of being infected with Conficker.C:

Conficker.C is distributed very effectively through the local networks and removable memory. If your computer belongs to any local network, your chances to be infected are increasing in direct proportion to the number of computers in that network. That is to say that Conficker.C, unlike adware, is hardly detectable without special program , and Conficker.C removal may be problematic, because the program may replicate itself and hide the copies at various locations. It is rather possible to assess your chances to be infected, but not to detect Conficker.C.
However, the trojan presence may be established, if the trojan has already hijacked the browser and blocked all the websites and / or disabled legitimate program s, especially security tools, and / or disabled Windows Installer so that you cannot install new program s, hence you cannot install any antivirus as well.
In order to make sure that you are free of Conficker.C infection or else t detect and remove Conficker.C, click here. As mentioned above, Conficker.C corresponding trojan may disable Windows Installer so that you may need to remove Conficker.C from your infected hard disk transferring it to the uninfected computer.

Automatic Removal of Conficker.C from your PC:

Conficker.C removal may require the removal of corresponding trojan and proper exploring of all computer memory to detect all hidden copies of the worm. This task is executable for the Conficker.C removal tool that we recommend to apply. Follow the link below in order to start free scan as a first step to Conficker.C removal.

Download Conficker.C Removal Tool

Manual Removal of Conficker.C:

Note: you shall find all the copies of the worm, as at least one copy is capable of performing its task. In addition, if the corresponding trojan has been installed, you need it to detect and remove as well. To identify the type and location of that trojan and to find through this website or Google the relevant manual removal instructions, please follow the link below to download and install Spyware Doctor free scanner.
Please, print this instruction out and close all the program s before Conficker.C removal, because it is extremely dangerous to use any program s, including txt editors, during the process of Conficker.C manual removal.

Remove Conficker.C files and dll’s

%System%\[RANDOM FILE NAME].dll

Unregister Conficker.C registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\netsvcs\Parameters\”ServiceDll” = “[PathToWorm]”

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