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Removal of Zlob Trojan

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What is the Zlob Trojan?

Notes about Zlob Trojan Removal

Anti-malware program s listed below are not targeted at particular fake applications installed by Zlob virus. Instead, they include necessary definitions and algorithms to fight a wide range of malware brought to Windows computers by Zlob.

This means that whether you are struggling to delete AntiVirGear of VirusProtect Pro, one single program from the list above can erase both - and lots more.

Therefore I see no point in listing files and directory names of any particular Zlob-driven fake security program because the list would be endless. It is important to kill the cause of annoying ads and PC misbehaving - which is Zlob itself. All those rogue progams are tip of the iceberg, so removing them alone and leaving main infection intact doesn't make any harm to Zlob.

malware bell Zlob Trojan Removal
Files Secure Trojan Zlob Removal
IE Antivirus Trojan Zlob Removal

Steps to remove Zlob manually

Listing all the filenames that can be generated by Zlob is out of the scope of this. The list would be too long to place it here, and still would miss newest mutations of the trojan. I tend to give a broader view of this malware so that everyone could take necessary steps to cure the infection with as little effort as possible, at minimal cost.

Manual removal of Zlob is complicated since each case of infection is different from others; this trojan makes a system-wide impact. However, deleting a couple of entries can significantly help to remove Zlob, and facilitate the task for Zlob removers to clean out the system completely.

1. Delete the Registry key of nvctrl.exe if present.

Go to Start-->Run, type in regedit.exe and click OK. The Windows Registry Editor will open.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run

Locate the value "nvctrl.exe" = "nvctrl.exe" and delete it.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects

and delete the subkey: {724510C3-F3C8-4FB7-879A-D99F29008A2F}

3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects

and delete the key: {724510C3-F3C8-4FB7-879A-D99F29008A2F}

4. Close the Registry Editor.

Deleting these keys increases the chancees to successfully remove Zlob in the shortest time possible.

Zlob Automatic Removal

SmitFraudFix is a free tool created to remover certain variations of Zlob trojan.

Download the application and save it to your desktop. Double-click to launch the rescue program . No installation is required - this is a click & run tool.

When the credits screen displays, select the option 2 (clean) and press Enter.

After a series of scans and cleanups, SmitFraudFix will ask if you want to repair the Registry. Answer Y and hit Enter. Then restart your computer.

After reboot, the tools will check wininet.dll and if infection is found, it will ask to replace the infected file. Select Y followed by Enter.

Reboot your computer once more. When logged on again, a log file will be displayed on the desktop or created in the root drive (normally C:\rapport.txt)

Download: SmitFraudFix
RogueFix Zlob Remover

RogueFix is another free tool that targets a number of malware threats including Zlob.

This remover performs best if run in Safe Mode. The set of instructions on the download page is pretty exhaustive, so there's no need to describe the steps. Advanced users will find them pretty simple and easy to follow.

Download: RogueFix.

F-secure Zlob Removal Tool

F-secure, a security software maker from Finland, added a little program to the set of zlob free virus removal tools. One more trojan Zlob removal weapon should be used to stop malware services and prevent them from running again. To use F-secure removal, it's necessary to logon in Windows Safe Mode.

Download: F-secure Zlob Removal Tool.

GMER Rootkit & Malware Detector

GMER is a free tool developed to reveal what's hiding inside the system. Rootkits, stealth malware, hidden modules and services are shown by this software. Because of its powerful detection system, GMER can greatly help to identify and remove Zlob parts.

Download: Gmer.
After Removing Zlob Trojan

It happens that once Zlob has been removed, a computer may lose access to the Internet. This is a side-effect of the Zlob trojan activity (one more reason to be protected against Zlob infection than struggle later to remove it). To repair the network settings and restore web access, a tool called LSPFix can be used.

Some commercial program s normally tackle the problem of lost Internet connection automatically.

Download LSPfix

NOTE: This is a non-installable file. When archive unzipped, double-click the executable file. The screenshot below is a sample only - your configuration may look differently.
LSPfix Trojan Zlob Removal

Learn more about Trojan and Virus Removal by clicking here

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