Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is the Zlob Trojan?

What is the zlob Trojan?
Zlob, commonly refered to as the zlob trojan, attacks your computer systems Active X. Zlob trojan is nothing but a trojan horse which masquerades as a needed video codec in the form of Active X. Once this zlob trojan gets installed, it shows some adds of pop ups. These adds will look exactly like the warning popups of the windows operating system. They will inform you that your system has been infected with spyware, and prompt you to download some anti-spyware. Weather you exit it or click it, the popup window will try to automatically download some pirated program s of anti-spyware such as Ms Antivirus, Virus heat exc. The zlob trojan will be well hidden in this stuff that is automatically downloaded.

The Discovery of the Zlob Trojan
The Zlob trojan was discovered for the first time on the
23rd of April in 2005. It was not well known until June of 2006 because that is when it was first updated.

A firm of computer security called "F secure" have discovered about 32 different types of Zlob Trojan. Some of these types are: rogue DNS, DNS changer etc. This
process is still going on for the discovery of more of them. They attempt to hack the routers to change the settings of DNS. (This is usually easy because most people don't change the default passwords on there routers) Hence it results in potential rerouting of some illegal websites. These viruses also have links in downloading the instalments of anti virus exe.

The trojan has also been linked to downloading atnvrsinstall.exe which uses the Windows Security shield icon to look as if it is an Anti Virus installation file from Microsoft. Having this file initiated can wreak havoc on computers and networks. One symptom is random computer shutdowns or reboots with random comments. This is caused by the program s using Scheduled Tasks to run a file called "zlberfker.exe".

What are the Symptoms of Zlob?
As is the case with many other spyware infections, the symptoms can vary and not every Zlob trojan infection will show the same set of symptoms. That being said, here is a list of some of the more common things you will see: an alert informing you of a critical infection, poor scan reporting, false positives in your scanning, deceptive advertising within applications, extremely slow computer performance, the settings of your computer changed, your computer automatically shutting down and restarting, and changes to your desktop (such as the background or icons moved). Click here to learn how to remove the Zlob Trojan Virus

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