Friday, October 8, 2010

How To Remove Win32 Trojan

(manual removal of Win32 Trojan is listed below)

The purpose of the Win32 Trojan is to install malware and other viruses on an infected computer, give personal details away to others, or even allow full control of the computer to the Trojan. The Win32 Trojan may secretly download and run the infections, but it most commonly tricks people into thinking that it is Anti-Spyware Software, don't be fooled. It can be different though to the Olmarik Virus, which is arguably the harder to remove. If peoples firewall systems have failed in the first place there is a tricky battle ahead.

The First Priority

Once infected, people will notice that their computers are slower than normal, this is the pretty much the same for all Trojans. This includes internet speed and general running speed of the computer. The first stop then, is to try and remove the Trojan with automatic removers.

With so many variations of the Win32 Trojan, it can be impossible to subscribe the exact way to remove it. Therefore, some of the best free options are Stopzilla, Spybot: Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and a-squared Free. Running the full scan on each of these will in most cases find and remove the Trojan without any hassle, depending of course, on the type of Trojan.

The following manual process will help you remove Win32 Trojan from your system safely.

Trojan.Win32 Manual Removal Process:

1. First, Click on the Start Menu button followed by the Control Panel option. Then Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs icon.

2. Locate Trojan.Win32 and double-click on it to uninstall Trojan.Win32. Follow the screen step-by-step screen instructions provided to you to complete uninstallation of Trojan.Win32.

3. Restart the computer.

4. After the un-installation process has completed, close "Add or Remove Programs" and your Control Panel.

5. Close all program s.

6. Stop Trojan.Win32 process. You can do this by

- Right-click the taskbar, and then click Task Manager .

-In Task Manager , click the Processes tab to see a list of running processes.

-Select the process that you want to stop.

-Right-click on the intended process, then select "End task".


7. Search for the following files and delete these infected files from your system.





8. Rename the files that you found above to "foundbadfile1.dll" and "foundbadfile2.dll" (if you can not rename this file, then try to restart your computer in safe mode then try to rename this file.)

9. Go to C:Program Files folder and delete the "VirusProtect 3.8? folder (if you can't delete it, reboot your computer to safe mode then delete the folder)

10. Restart your computer

11. Go to your computer and delete the "foundbadfile1.dll" and "foundbadfile2.dll" file

13. You have just removed Trojan.Win32 from your computer manually.

The easier way is to get a reputable anti trojan program , that removes Win32 Trojan Virus as well as detects intrusions from other worse trojans, such as credit card and password stealing trojans.

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